When you are given an assignment that requires you to travel and do business, then you may have to take quite a bunch of things with you. You will be sent out with a team to hold stalls, do workshops or sometimes even doing training. In this instances, you may have to carry with you a checklist and ensure that every item on the list is in your vehicle, so that you are not halfway through and realize too late that you’ve left something behind! Listed below are a few of the many important things you might need to take with you.

Brochures and leaflets

Take with you plenty of brochures and leaflets to let the audience have a more in depth understanding of where you work ad what you all do. You will obviously take with you a pull up banner Singapore or two to place on either side of the stage, but these leaflets lets them take it home and pass it on to the others!

Contact details  

Also do not forget to take with you a few business cards so that you can pass around all the necessary contact details to your audience.

Slideshows and presentation

You will have to prepare your slideshow and the presentations you will be using very early on. This is the only way to ensure that you have all the material with you! There’s bound to be material that you can use already in place, but it’s best that you have several copies of these presentations just in case, in different devices, so that you will not fall into trouble if ever you lose one of the copies! Along with the PVC banner from a printing service company, make sure your slideshows are ready as well.


Finally, the most important items you will have to take with you will be the equipment that’ll help you throughout the workshop. You may have to take your own laptop, projector, sounds and even projector screen. It’s always best if you contact the venue beforehand and ask them what equipment they already have, however, it’s always best that you take extra just in case! Write down a whole list of all the equipment you need, and carry them with you just in case.

These are the many things you will need to make sure that nothing goes forgotten and that everything important is with you. When you are given a task from your business, it is entirely up to you to ensure that it is executed properly without anything going south.