You might be in different stages of your relationships where you might still be at the awkward first date stage or a serious commitment stage. Whatever you are thinking, keep your thoughts away and read below to identify what typw of date you are sharing with her.

The awkward first date

You saw her at the pub and your flirted over booze and now you accidentally passed on your number over to her that day. After a few rounds of texting and calling you realized you want to meet her and see whether she’s your one. So you set up a date at a restaurant and call her up to inform. Chances are not only you, but she too might be very excited and nervous as this is your first date. So, make sure to take it slow. Do not rush to kiss her or do weirdly awkward gestures that might make her uncomfortable. Just be a friend and be nice to her. Show her your self-esteem and your date is about to go well.

The consecutive second or third

After you had your first date, now you either want to forget her because she’s not your type or you want to continue dating her. Since you both have passed the awkward first date, now you can take it a notch higher from there. But, make sure not to overdo as she might feel weird and walk away from you. Take her to an inflatable movie screen or a nice long walk at the park with music and ice cream. Make sure she enjoys the day and you both get plenty time to check each other out.

The ‘it’s happening’ dates

After a few dates, happened over a few months, chances are that you both are starting to like each other and are getting used to each other’s company. Girls would always love if the guy could observe them and pick up hints of what they like and dislike. Make sure to listen closely and aim to please. If she talks a lot of stuffed toys and wonderland, you know that next up would be a trip to Disneyland.

Get intimate date

If you tried to drag her to your apartment or drop in at hers before you get comfortable with each other, chances are you might be walking out the door for the last time. Intimacy is shared on a basis of trust and she has to trust you before being close to you intimately. Make sure she is comfortable that way before making the intimacy move.

The ‘marry me’ date

If you have building up for the proposal date, make sure it is absolutely in a set-up that she loves. Don’t go with a big crowd is your girl is too shy. Think of something creative and memorable like watching a movie under the stars in Singapore and casually proposing to her or, having a yacht full of guests and proposing to her.

Details depend on what kind of a girl she is. But, make sure you have plenty photographers and videographers ready to cover the event.