Investments are a major income method for many people. Both individuals and businesses invest on many things to make extra revenue. If you have invested in lands and properties, you can utilize them in many ways to earn extra money. Some of you may have bought lands and properties or you may have inherited them and have no idea of what to do with them. Here are couple of things you can do to utilize the extra properties you have.

Rent it out as activity space

Most companies who conduct team building activities and various other workshops require spaces for their activities. You can rent out your land as a team building venue. If you have an empty land this would be a good idea. Or you could even build the required things on the land and rent it out for a higher price. If you are renting it out for a children’s activities space, you need to make sure you have put a fence around the land and childproofed it. If your property is closer to the main road you need to consider building a wall around it too. This is one of the best ways to utilize a empty land. Most of the time people who own lands do not have enough money to build a house or an apartment complex to rent out. The best way to utilize the land is to rent it as it is for activities.

Convert it into a parking space

Parking is a major issue for many companies. If they are in the city limits parking for both clients and staff is a big problem. If you own empty land in the city limits, you can rent out as a parking space for places like supermarkets, shops or even as a team building activities in Singapore. Most of these places don’t have enough parking space and they constantly look for land close by to use as parking. Or you could offer parking to the general public. You can start your own car parking service. All you have to spend for is for the security and the ticketing equipment.

Rent out as camping ground

If your land is in a popular tourist area or a rainforest, you can rent out the land as camping ground. If it is in a forest area, where there are plenty of campers come, you can provide camping services like toilettes and other water supplies and rent out the land as camping sites. This is one of the best ways to utilize a land in a forest area. Because you cannot rent out as parking or you cannot build a complex and rent out in a forest. Best way to earn money from an empty land in an area like this is to rent out as camping space or parking space for caravans.