Selecting the best-in-class law firm is not an easy task as it seems to be. You need to have plenty of knowledge and understandings if you are taking the entire responsibility to hire such a firm for your small business. However, the situation holds same whenever you plan to hire a firm/company for your personal or business need.
The first and foremost thing is to know your business properly. If you are aware of your business need, then finding the right service becomes quite easy. For instance, if you need to hire a top dispute resolution law firm in Singapore, then you need to narrow down your search based on a few criteria. Let’s give you a slight idea on how to proceed:

Take the online platform seriously
The online platform, i.e. the internet, is the best source to find out the most desirable service for your small business. You will find plenty of such services based on your requirements and financial ability. For instance, you can select the top dispute resolution law firm amidst hundreds of them from your city and for that you do not have to do much. The search engines will help you to guide you to the respective websites and what you need to do is to sort out them accordingly.
You can directly contact them over chat or phone and get the detailed information. The reputed and experienced lawyers would be there to help you out. Checking the background of those companies/firms is also easy as you will find plenty of customers’ review, to judge your point.
Papers or other such means
If you keep a track on the newspapers, you will definitely come to know about several such firms present in your city. However, to tally the information, you need to personally visit those firms or call them. However, getting referrals from relatives or friends will make the search easier.
Talk to lawyers or legal advisors
The legal advisors, who are close acquaintance of yours, can help you a lot in this regard. The law personnel can give you the right idea on how to perform your search. Even if he or she is not in direct contact with lawyers, still he/she can help you in searching the right service.
Ask the owners of similar small busines
The owner of other small businesses can also help you out. If they have taken such service in recent past, then they can guide you a lot. However, do not blindly rely on information, do a ground research before you select the one. The cost and affordability are other factors that will play a significant role in the selection.