Our eyes are the single most valuable sensory organ in our bodies as it allows us to see the world around us. While most of us are blessed with sight, few of us really understand or care for them as we should. Here is a list of eye care and health routines you should regularly engage in to ensure long lasting sight.

Avoid Eye Strain

The number one cause of eye problems, eye strain is becoming more and more common due to our frequent use of screens. When we stare at a computer screen or TV for a long time we invariably forget to blink or it slows down. This causes our eyes to dry out, become irritated and strain. Either use computers and TVs that provide protective screens against the glare or wear glasses that do so. Use eye drops to hydrate your eye if you work on computers all day. Look out at a distance frequently to relax the eye muscles and rest your eyes regularly. For further information abou

Moisturize the Eye

Just like the rest of your face, your eye needs external moisturizing if it is constantly strained and you develop eye bags. Use an eye gel under the eye when you sleep; chronic eye bags will require eye bag removal surgery. Place a slice of cucumber on your eye from time to time and lay flat from 15-20 minutes every few days, or use tea bags instead, to allow your eye to moisturize, hydrate and rejuvenate. The antioxidants in cucumber and tea leaves will help your eyes clear. Massage the eyelids gently with your ring fingers every morning and evening to stimulate blood flow.

Remove Excess Fat if Medically Necessary

Fat deposits around the eye lids of some people, causing them to droop and partially obscuring vision in that eye. This is common among people whose eyes are genetically smaller. Age can also cause the eyelids to droop. Ptosis surgery in Singapore can correct this if deemed a medical necessity and help you regain full vision. However, it has to be conducted carefully and by a trained professional who has experience in such surgeries. If the strut or suture used to open the eye is too long, it may damage the cornea; if it is too short, the eye lid will lapse. Once the surgery is complete you will need to care for the eye until the wound is healed.

Eat Healthy

The eye requires vitamins and other such nutrients to develop properly and grow. People who eat legumes and vegetables frequently have better vision than those whose diet does not include them. Too much sugar can cause glaucoma which leads to blindness. Similar eye problems are caused if dietary issues affect the liver, kidneys etc.