After you are done with high school, there is this specific time period where you get extremely bored sitting at home and idling your time doing nothing. But at the same time you have limited time period and you are constrained by it. If you’re lucky enough to go to a European country where most undergraduate program starts in September then you will have plenty of time after graduation. But if you have decided to go to an Asian country, most private universities have three in takes per year and you won’t have much time after you are done schooling because you have to start concentrating on the degree program. But what most students look for is a place where they could gain a little more knowledge about industry they are going to enter. It can be any kind of industry. The more you familiarize yourself with the works and the main terms involved in the particular industry once you enter it you will feel so much better and you will not have to study most of the sections since you are aware of the module in brief at least.

Admission and criteria

In most places if you browse online there will be a main site for their particular institute where they would have mentioned all the admission criteria’s and how exactly you can get into those institutes and follow WSQ courses in Singapore. This is mainly available in leisure industries where they want to prepare youngsters with sufficient knowledge and training before they get into the sector. So if you are that someone who is enthusiastic about learning something new and feeding your mind with knowledge, you should definitely try out such places. When you go deep into the admission system, in order to follow most modules you only need to pass GCE ‘N’ levels. If you have a pass grade in English that is more like an advantage as well. Because most students unless English is their mother tongue they face difficulties in scoring good grades in that subject. So if you have a credit in English, it is easier to get into the leisure industry. Hence that is one of the internationally recognized common language. In your journey you might find several travelers who will need your help, so if you don’t know English that will be a problem. This criteria is mostly considered for certificate level module entry.


However, if you want to follow WSQ diploma courses there are several other requirements when it comes to the entry. But no matter how the present the criteria at the end it all prepares you to face a challenge. Thus, doing one of these programs will help you immensely and solve most of the challenges you are going to face in the near future.

So if you are a student who is considering to work in a leisure industry related work you should definitely know where to go to gain the knowledge you are looking for!