You have just being put in charge of a company. It just so happened that you’re relative got a job overseas and had to leave the country in a hurry. So she gave over the company to you until she returns in a couple of years. It is up to you to oversee the work in the company and ensure that business is doing well until your relative returns.
Professionals in the field
After your relative leaves the country you visit the company to check on the food packaging in Singapore and the manufacturing process. You have a chat with the managers of each division and they tell you that the company is doing well for the moment. You realise that every division has its own process of producing the different variety of products. You also realise that the staff are very methodical in the way they handle their work and are true professionals in the field. So you are not surprised that the company is doing well.

Sudden breakdown
You report to work the following day and while in your office you are informed of a problem in the department. You are told that the food package machine has suddenly broken down. You panic as usual because you are new to the job and you have no idea who to contact to get the problem sorted out. But thanks to the manager of the department you are saved. The manager tells you that the factory contacts the professionals who can handle this type of work and that he can call them for you. You agree and before you know it the professionals are at your factory. Your staff explains the problem to the professionals and they tell you that it will take about a week to get the machine repaired and that during that time they can replace your machine with a temporary one so that the factory work does not get affected.
Temporary machine
You think this is a good idea and tell the professionals to go ahead with the job after having consulted the division’s manager. Your temporary machine arrives within the hour and your machine is taken away. So work gets back on schedule and you and your staff are satisfied with the service provided by the professionals. The professionals also tell you that once they repair your machine for you they will give you a warranty on the product and that you won’t have to worry about the machine breaking down any time soon. You don’t realise the time passing by and before you know it you have a machine that is looking as good as new.