Hiring a vehicle to travel will give you access to many places that can be inaccessible to modes of public transport. It will also give you a lot of freedom where you are not bound by timetables and have to either extend or cut short your journeys. It could also be economical at times compared to the cost of public transport if you happen to be travelling in a group. Disadvantages to this however could be traffic and the stress of travelling in a vehicle which is not your own and you know is a liability. In some countries it could be also more expensive to hire a chauffeur for the vehicle, in which case, you will have to drive by yourself.

Know the base price
The price that you have to put down for you preferred vehicle is ideally calculated by taking into account the number of days that you will be using it for. The more days that you need the car rental for, the less you will have to pay for a day. Vehicles are also classified by size and the prestige that they hold. You can choose which type or class of vehicle you would like to book. A grace period of about an hour is provided for any delayed returns on the vehicle, but anything after that will be charged up to even a full day’s cost. If therefore, you realize that you will not be able to return on time, you should normally be able to (depending upon the agency) call them up and arrange for a bit of an extension which will get you the rate that you are already on. The majority of companies have a minimum charge of one day. Anything less than that will also be charged the cost of one day. Usually the four classes of vehicles available for hire would fall under economy, standard, intermediate or luxury.

There can be distance charges
While some luxury rent car in Singapore will allow you to have a mileage with no limits, other places will have a restriction on how much you can travel in the vehicle per day or overall. If you have surpassed this limit, you will be charged additionally for that amount. However, even if you have been lucky enough to hire a vehicle with non-restricted mileage, there can still be limits which will not allow you to cross certain areas such as states. If you need to get these limits to be flexible as well, you will need to pay extra. If you decide to be your own boss and violate any of the limits indicated you will incur a hefty penalty. These rules and regulations are usually all mentioned on the contract, which is why you need to read your paperwork carefully before signing.

Surcharges are probably associated the most with agencies that give vehicles for hire. These additional fees will not be put in until you have finalized the purchase. Some of the possible surcharges that you need to be aware of include, but are not limited to location taxes, improvement charges and airport taxes. There are also admin fees, local taxes and recovery of registration fees. To be sure of what you might be signing up for, read the contract before signing with care.