Doesn’t matter whether it’s your first job or you’re fifth, receiving that first pay check is always exciting. Once the usual gifts to parents, family and friends have been dispensed, it’s time to take care of number one: you. Assuming your pay check is enough to cover your monthly expenses and splurge a bit, here’s what you can buy yourself with the first pay.

Get the Latest Cool Toy

This can be the latest x- box, the latest gadgets, the latest phone or the latest hair curler. Whatever it is, technology has a way of perking up our day and making us feel instantly better about ourselves and the world. If you worked hard for that money, then now is the time to enjoy it! Buy yourself a cool new phone and show it off to friends next week; get that mini hair straightener you’ve been drooling over in the catalogue and dazzle people with your new hair; call your friends over and make a night out of the latest game you bought. Have a blast!

Pamper Yourself with Body care Products

This one is more for the ladies, but guys can jump in on the bandwagon too. After working hard for that pay check, you need to unwind a bit. What better way than to buy yourself some top- notch body care products and pampering yourself? Get some scented bath candles, silky body soaps, luxurious body scrubs, soft shampoos or creamy body lotions that will make you feel like a million dollars.

Get your partner in on the action by asking them to use those luxurious body scrubs in Singapore or creamy body lotions on you.

Dress like a Million Dollars

Maybe shopping is not your favourite pastime but once you got some money in your hands, try and make it count by buying high quality clothes that reflect your personality, or your work. Don’t spend on a party dress or dress shirt that you only wear once or twice. Instead, buy some solid basics like a tailored black suit, a white shirt/ blouse, work clothes that actually fit or a dress that can be worn casually or smartened up with a blazer. Failing that, invest in some good shoes to make an impression.

Indulge in an Explosion of the Taste Buds

Sick of economizing with pizza and peanut butter sandwiches? Book a restaurant and have a good meal with the date of your choice and round off the evening by going dancing. If your taste is more towards the ground, go have a good tuck in at a diner or fast food joint. Either way, eating is one of the simplest and most satisfying pleasures of life, so splash out for some quality cooking when you get some cash. Don’t forget to have a whopping big ice cream sundae!