In this day and age there are different kinds of advertising methods available for marketers to choose from. There are many ways in which a company is able to communicate with its customers and have the ability of sending out very specific messages to different sets of targeted people. According to research, forms of advertising has been there since throughout years that date back to the Egyptians and even in the once a beautiful city, Pompeii. The internet’s ability to reach places that could not be reached before, in addition to different kinds of online advertisements, advertisers are spoilt for choice. Whichever form these advertisers use, they slowly trickle down to be categorized into the different forms of advertising mentioned below.


This form of advertising that includes, radio and TV, is a popular and widely used method to be able to communicate to a larger audience. These types of advertisements have been losing the effects it has on people due to the increase of digital video recorders and readily available methods of technology that makes it easy to skip ads. This method however is a rather popular way to be able to make its way towards millions of people when there is a super bowl or a world cup match airing on TV.


This method, known to give out of home advertising campaigns, is another way of addressing the different types of advertisements that customers are able to see when they step out of their homes, to go to work from home or vice versa. Anything from print ads on public transport, point of purchase displays, billboards, posters at tube stations and bus shelters to the massive digital boards in Times Square are all considered forms of outdoor advertising.

Product placement

Where out of home advertising campaigns are usually in your face at all times and you are very well aware of the fact that they are advertising a particular product, product placement is done rather discreetly. This is mainly done through movies. For instance if you see the action hero drink a can of mountain dew and the logo is clearly visible to the audience, it’s in fact an ad within the movie. It’s usually a win-win for both parties where, shows get the funding they need and in turn the advertisers get to promote the product within the target demographic.


This form of product promotion is rather new, but is being adopted by many at a fast pace. This method requires the use of your cell phones, iPad and any other electronic devices that is connected to the internet. With this new trend many of the social media sites are filled with different types of ads that may sometimes feel rather intrusive. Therefore they have to make certain amends to make the audience feel more comfortable.

If you have a product that is in need of any type of promotion, make sure you adopt any one of the different methods given above and see the demand for your product rise. Click this link for more information about downtown line advertising space in Singapore.