As a couple, most people tend to have a lot of dreams for their future. Growing old together, raising a child together, even making their dreams come true together are all hopes that are common with most couples. Similarly, building a dream home especially for themselves is also a dream couples cherish and hold close to their hearts.

But building a house, which eventually will turn into a home isn’t as easy as it may appear. You need to have enough funds, you need to plan out the layout, you even need to know what are the perfect accessories necessary to make your home special.If you are building the home of your dreams and don’t know how to choose the perfect tiles, be it kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, etc., for it that will not only suit your house, but also yourself, then perhaps we couldbe of help. Read ahead to find our suggestions and recommendations when selecting the perfect tiles for your home. 

Light and dark; how it plays with your home.

Everyone knows that the color used on walls (as wall paint) affects how your home looks in the long run. Not only does the color of the paint used brightens and darkens a room, it also effects how big or small a room appears to the eye. What most people don’t realize is that the same rule applies to floor and wall tiles as well. If your rooms are on the small side, then it’s important that you choose light and bright colors for it. If you really want to use dark colors, try to use it on the furniture and accessories.

Grooves and designs.

Tiles with grooves and designs are in now. Not only are they pretty to look at, but they are also very stylish. They give just the pop of creativity to ensure that you home looks chic and modern. But adding grooved or designed tiles for the bathroom (/toilet) or kitchen isn’t a very wise idea, as it makes it harder to clean. Use smooth, porcelain tiles as your toilet tiles in Singapore. As for the tiles used in the kitchen, anything that won’t collect dirt should work just fine.

Durability and wear.

No doubt, the floor tiles you choose have to be able to weather years of use. Most people don’t change tiles in decades, so it’s important that you install the right tiles that suits the correct rooms. Ask your provider for recommendations for each particular room. For example, let them know that you’re looking for floor tiles for the bathrooms, and ask them for recommendations and suggestions. Do a little research online before you make your final decision to ensure that you are getting the best.

Remember, the price doesn’t suggest the quality of a tile. Do your research well, and try out a few different places before you make your purchases; after all, it is your dream you are about to build.