When it comes to enjoying great sex, it is also important to ensure that you protect both your mind and body. Given what a momentous step in physical and mental intimacy sex can be between partners, you will need to ensure safe sex in order to maintain the trust between yourself and your partner. While you can have a great deal of fun exploring your sexuality and becoming intimate with another person, ensuring that both you and your partner enjoy safe and consensual sex is crucial. With these considerations in mind, here are some tips on how you can practice safer sex.

Ensure good health

If you happen to be sexually active, make sure that you are free of any sexually transmitted diseases. You can get regular checkups done by your doctor or gynecologist in order to ensure that there is nothing preventing you from enjoying healthy sex. Regular check-ups can also help with any of your birth control needs, which is an essential part of ensuring that you and your partner enjoy safe sex. Additionally, if you wish to indulge in body modifications with the expectation of better sex with the assistance of something like a perfect penis enlargement product, you might want some professional advice on its viability. Make sure that any adjustments you make that might affect your health are vetted by your doctor or gynecologist in order to ensure maximum safety when it comes to sex.

Use effective protection

Use a reliable source of protection during sex in order to ensure that you have a better experience overall. Safer sex practices can actually improve sex performance because you will find it easier to relax and enjoy the act. Using condoms and dental dams during sex can help prevent the spread of HIV and STIs, so consider these precautions as essential accompaniments during sex. Additionally, using thicker condoms can lead to more pleasurable sex, since this option allows you to last longer in bed.

Open channels of communication

It is important that you talk with your partner honestly and openly about sex, so that you can avoid risky sexual behaviors. Make sure that both parties are sufficiently forthcoming about their sexual histories in order to determine the potential for safe sex. Better lines of communication will also ensure that the sex always remains consensual, and that both parties are aware of each other’s boundaries when it comes to sex. Willing consent is crucial before embarking upon any kind of sexual activity with your partner, so make sure that you do not simply assume consent.