If you are a top notch writer or want to reach that point someday, then you might have noticed that typewriters are kind of outdated. Typewriters are the best to work with if you have a lot of patience and do not make mistakes easily. But it is not for the faint hearted and those who like to edit their work as they go. So with the dawn of technology and the invention of computers and software, writers and novelists have it easy now. Whether you want to write part time or on the go to your job, then you will need a portable device and software to keep you organized.


Tired of all your research notes mysteriously disappearing into the darkness and general messiness of the room? Then Evernote is here to your rescue. This software was specifically created for those who work in the writing and copywriting agency world where notes are to be protected with your life. It will maintain your ideas, notes and little scribbles in an organized method. It also allows you the choice to back up everything, just in case some natural disaster heads your way. You can maintain your notes in notebooks that you can customize according to the material that goes in it. You can use tags for the notes so that they are easy for you find again. Evernote makes it easy for you to store text, find some from the internet, sharing with others and collaborating with others.


Another great software that has helped many a soul in the print media and copywriting agency world, Sigil is made for those who like to keep their written things online. Sigil is user friendly like Microsoft Word when it comes to writing, but it is much more easier to maintain a book than Word. It can the general table of contents generator, work and spell checker, character editing, symbol inserter, and such. On the other hand it is also helpful as it allows you to type directly into the program or make it into HTML and change into an ebook. It also has a nifty feature that allows you to add in audio and video formats and clips.

FreeMind, LibreOffice Writer, Scribus are some other top notch rated software made specifically to make it easier to handle large amounts of writing. They almost always come with the features that are necessary for book making, like text editing and formatting, adding and managing other media and so forth.