There will obviously be necessary things that you need to attend to if you are expecting a baby. However, there is no harm in being a little creative and enjoying your way as you do it. You can start decorating the baby’s room depending on whether it is a boy or a girl. Combine colors, select a theme and embellish the interior of the room to your heart’s content. This is although the first thing that mostly parents gets drawn to when they are expecting a baby. Nonetheless, there are many other things that could be done as well.
One creative way to preserve a memento for when your baby grows up is to make an umbilical cord stamp. Umbilical cord is known to transfer and exchange the nutrients needed, and tissues to repair cells of both the mother and the child.

Therefore this can be an everlasting souvenir like taimaobi until your baby grows up to see the one thing that helped in binding the connection between the two of you, making it stronger.
You can furthermore make embroidery with the name of the baby. According to any design you prefer and with the right colors and guidance, it would not be too difficult to make. This can even be stored for a long time without harm being caused on to it. It is common to stumble upon the baby’s belongings that you just cannot say goodbye to. You will think of a million ways to hold on to it and sometimes manage to find one. One of these ways could be to place these items in a shadow box. This way the belongings would be elegantly displayed and placed around any part of the house.
You can personalize any item that belongs to you or your baby now, even the toys and baby blocks that your infant has as toys. For instance the ABC blocks or the 123 blocks that your kid has can be personalized as well and kept forever. You can look into tutorials and find out ways to make gloves, hats and socks that would suit your baby. This is a creative way to do it, and at the same time it makes these items even more precious. As far as this goes you can even make your own shoes for the baby that will fit right in to your baby’s feet.
One way to save the clothes that your baby has overgrown can be made into soft toys. This way you can watch your baby treasure the clothes that you bought in the first place for them. In other cases you can even choose fabrics and try to make it as well if your baby isn’t yet too grown.